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The Company
Premium Quality Since 1965

"At Serino's our pasta has always been fresh,
nutritious and inexpensive.”

Serino's opened it’s doors over 35 years ago when Guy Serino started
selling his homemade ravioli and manicotti from a storefront in
Hyde Park, Massachusetts.

“I knew it would go far
- because people loved
our product.”
Guy Serino, founder of Serino's

Over the years, the business has grown substantially,
so has the selection.

Serino's now offers over 500 products.
Our commercial product list includes:
a wide-vareity of our own freshly prepared foods,
imported and domestic dry pasta,
sauces, oils, vinegars, cheeses, breads, flour,
desserts, and gourmet groceries.

Our famous ravioli and manicotti
(and a whole lot more) is still made right
here in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.
In addition to the "traditional cheese" and meat fillings
we offer: lobster & asparagus, mushroom,
shrimp & roasted garlic, and butternut squash and more.

All of our items are available in bulk for wholesale to specialty shops,
restaurants, and hotels. Wholesale deliveries are made daily.

The History of Serino's Italian Food Service
It all began in Avellino Italy where Lucrezia Serino was raised and taught to cook homemade pasta and Italian foods by her mother. In 1926 she brought her young family and her authentic Italian recipes to the United States - settling in the Boston area. In the 1960's her son Guy began cooking up success with Lucrezia's old world recipes and formed Serino's Italian Foodservice. Today it is Guy Serino's children, Paul and Lucretia, who continue the family business.

The Serinos have taken great care to maintain their grandmother's original recipes in their homemade Italian foods. Serino's specialize in their own brand of freshly prepared meals and pasta. Serino’s Italian Foods is a manufacturer who sells wholesale to Supermarkets, Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Schools and Hospitals. Serino's Pasta Products are also available at selected retail outlets throughout Massachusetts. Please call us to find out where to purchase our products in your area.

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931 Hyde Park Ave
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